For many people, Saffron is a food, a spice, and nothing more. Others may have heard that saffron extract has a number of health benefits, but they may not be sure what they are or what saffron extract really is. Thankfully, a lot of research has been done on saffron extract, and most questions asked about this remarkable product have answers.

Q: What is Saffron Extract?

A: Saffron is a product taken from the purple crocus, a flower native to the eastern Mediterranean. It takes many thousands of flowers to produce even a single pound of saffron. From the pure saffron, a concentrated extract is created and taken as a supplement.

Q: What Does Saffron Extract Do?

A: There are a number of health benefits associated with saffron and saffron extract. A number of conditions, ranging from indigestion to insomnia are treated with saffron extract. Most of these conditions are treatable because saffron has a number of vitamins and minerals in it that have positive effects on the body. In general terms, these minerals increase blood flow and promote a sense of well-being.

Q: How Does Saffron Extract Relate to Weight Loss?

A: Saffron extract is often marketed as an appetite suppressant. While this is an important factor in weight loss, there is more to saffron extract than the simple suppression of the appetite. Saffron produces some of the same pleasure chemicals that people seek when they binge on junk food. When saffron extract is taken, serotonin and dopamine levels in the body increase, which reduces or severely cuts back on emotional eating.

Q: How Long Does Saffron Extract Take to Work?

A: Saffron extract is not meant to be a quick fix for weight loss. Instead, it is an essential part of any long-term weight loss regimen. When taking saffron extract, it can take at least four to eight weeks before there are any noticeable effects. Of course, this timeframe changes depending on the person taking the supplements. Some people may see a faster response while others may take a long time before their bodies begin responding.

Q: Are There Any Side Effects?

A:Some people are allergic to saffron and should not take saffron extract. Others may experience some minor side effects like dry mouth and other symptoms associated with a change in appetite and diet. The most common side effect is a bright yellow color in the urine. This is perfectly normal and is the result of the presence of riboflavin in the saffron. It is important only to take the recommended dose of saffron extract. 

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