Most people are only aware of moringa oleifera as a supplement. While they likely have a vague idea that the supplement is made from a plant, it is less likely that they are familiar with moringa oleifera as a majestic tree. It is in tree form that moringa oleifera is cultivated. It has been this way for centuries, although it is only recently that it was introduced to the western world.

While moringa oleifera comes from a very specific region of the world, it is now grown in many different places. In fact, anyone with the proper equipment and climate can grow a moringa oleifera tree of their own.


Moringa oleifera originally comes from the northwestern portion of the Indian subcontinent. There, in the shadows of the Himalayas, the trees learned to thrive in harsh and unyielding climates. At some point in the distant past, the native people of the region began taking advantage of the many health-promoting qualities of moringa oleifera. Not only is the tree good for various ailments, but it is also highly nutritious and can function as a significant source of food.

Growing Conditions

Moringa oleifera does best in sandy soil. However, it has been known to thrive even in very poor or nutrient-depleted soil. In some areas, people have planted moringa oleifera in ground that is unsuitable for most other plants. The trees actually help to replace the nutrients in the soil, and after some years, regular crops can be grown there.

In terms of climate, moringa oleifera prefers warmth. It has been known to survive frosts, but for the most part, cold weather hinders growth and even kills the plants. Many experts in the field of moringa oleifera cultivation claim that a good rule of thumb for planting these trees is to only plant them in areas where oranges will grow. This includes a large portion of the globe.

Where They Grow Today

From their humble beginnings in the northern reaches of India, moringa oleifera trees are found in virtually every nation within the tropics. They are particularly popular in Africa and in South America, but they are also grown in the Pacific and throughout southern Asia. They are grown in some regions of the United States, mainly in Florida and the desert southwest.


Moringa oleifera trees can be grown either from a cutting or from seeds. Either option allows for them to be grown in the ground as long as the proper steps are taken to ensure survival. Anyone who wants to grow their own Moringa Oleifera tree should be aware that they tend to grow very quickly and can reach a height of over 20 feet in only a few short years.

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