Organic Milk Thistle

  • Certified Organic, No Pesticides or Fertilizers

What Makes Our Organic Milk Thistle Special?

  • THE ONLY 1500MG/SERVING CERTIFIED ORGANIC MILK THISTLE AVAILABLE! You are trying to promote a healthy liver function so why would you use any product that isn’t certified organic and pesticide & fertilizer free? You don’t want anything to cause harm to the liver in the process of trying to cleanse it… do you?
  • MD FORMULATED TO HELP CLEANSE AND DETOX – Formulated by renowned bio-chemist and physician Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks using CERTIFIED ORGANIC Milk Thistle in an Ultra concentrated 375mg 4:1 capsule yielding an equivalent 1500mg vs. the weaker 250mg capsules sold by others that yield just 1000mg.
  • Made in USA in a GMP certified and FDA inspected facility to ensure purity and maximum efficacy. Add to this our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and MAXIMUM STRENGTH CAPSULES and you have the best value on Amazon
  • ENJOY THE PEACE OF MIND THAT COMES NATURALLY with the CERTIFIED ORGANIC (silybum marianum) in our vegetable capsules. NO GMOs, NO Soy and VEGAN friendly. PROVEN SUPPLIER! LEAN NUTRACEUTICALS has been providing high quality, science based nutritional supplements since early 2013. Look at our seller feedback then order from us and experience our quality and accolade winning customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I take Milk Thistle before, during or after a meal?

    For best results and least chance of stomach upset you should take 1 capsule daily with a meal.

  • The label lists 1500mg and 375mg. Which is it?

    Both! As milk thistle usage evolved over the years consumers found that they wanted to take more milk thistle than was easily ingested as the whole herb.

    To answer this need, extractions were developed. Today, the vast majority of milk thistle consumed is in the form of an extract.

    The commonly accepted nomenclature for milk thistle extracts is to state both the extract amount per serving (375 mg) and the whole herb equivalent (1500 mg in our case). If you look at the Supplements Facts panel on your bottle label, you should see both of these amounts listed.

  • What are the benefits to taking Milk Thistle?

    Milk Thistle has been used for centuries to help support the natural function of the liver and support the body’s natural detoxification process. Here is a great infographic that outlines 7 different benefits:   Infographic Source:

  • Why is Certified Organic Milk Thistle Superior?

    Since you are likely considering Milk Thistle to help support your liver function and your body’s natural detoxification process it only makes sense to use a Milk Thistle that is Certified Organic and is therefore free of pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals.

  • Are there any reasons I shouldn't take Milk Thistle?

    You should not take Milk Thistle if pregnant or nursing; have high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, gallstones, intestinal obstruction/inflammation or bile duct obstruction. Do not use if you have allergies to plants of the Asteraceae (Compositae) family including ragweed. If you are taking prescription drugs or have gastrointestinal disease, consult your healthcare professional prior to use.

What Our Customers are Saying about their Milk Thistle

  • Huge fan of LEAN Nutraceuticals and so very happy to see they are now producing a Milk Thistle. As is the case with all of their products, they are providing a huge step up from the competition – Certified Organic, 120 capsule and more potency.

    SM -
  • Great Milk Thistle. Love that it is certified organic. I figure that since I’m taking milk thistle to help detox my liver I might as well not take something that might actually be adding toxins! The higher concentration (1500mg vs. 1000mg) is an added bonus.

    Swampy -
  • I am very very pleased with the milk thistle. I purchased this brand because I wanted a higher quality of of milk thistle. I like that they are a trusted brand, and I am very happy it’s certified organic. Taking it, I am very pleased with how gentle it is on my stomach. I love that it has a full 4 month supply. That way I need to only take one capsule instead of 2. Great value, and I feel that I actually get far far more value for the money then other generic milk thistle.

    JK -
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Tips to Get the Most From Your Certified Organic Milk Thistle

Additional Information About Milk Thistle

An Ancient Herb

The Greek herbalist Dioscorides catalogued milk thistle in his list of healing plants for liver conditions, improving bile flow and stimulating digestion.* The Roman author Pliny was of a similar opinion. Indeed, milk thistle (Silybum marianum) extracts have been used as traditional herbal remedies for almost 2000 years and milk thistle is now extensively cultivated as a healing herb. This is especially true in Germany, where milk thistle is quite popular. Despite its distinctive prickly leaves and milky sap, milk thistle is sometimes confused with a different plant known as blessed or holy thistle (Cnicus benedictus).

From Ancient to Modern

Today, milk thistle extracts are among the most popular and the best researched of all herbs. Yet, this herb had largely become forgotten by the mid-20th Century. It was barely mentioned in the United States Dispensatory of 1947, and the most common folk use outside of Central Europe was to improve lactation. Modern research has focused on bile production and liver function. German scientists have produced an extract called silymarin, which has a variety of liver-protectant properties.* The active principles normally constitute only 1-4 percent of the total plant, so it is necessary to concentrate the extract extensively to provide benefits. LEAN Nutraceuticals Milk Thistle provides just such a potent concentrate.

Special Antioxidant Benefits

Silymarin refers to three active flavonoid components of milk thistle: primarily silybin with smaller amounts of silydianin and silychristin. This trio neutralizes toxins and improves liver function.* Its action rests primarily upon the ability to inhibit production and activity of hepatotoxic (liver toxic) compounds.* More recent evidence indicates that it benefits the health of several other organs as well.*


The liver is the primary organ for detoxification. Many toxins are either free radicals, or encourage free radical production and may subsequently interfere with the liver’s defenses against free radicals. As a potent antioxidant, silymarin intervenes in free radical generation and protects against many reactive oxygen species.* In some measurement systems, silymarin is ten times more effective than vitamin E in preventing unwanted oxidation. The extract also increases the liver’s content of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione (GSH) by ~35 percent, and increases the levels of the body’s major antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase (SOD).* Silymarin also modulates the actions of lipoxygenase in the liver.* Lipoxygenase acts upon polyunsaturated fatty acids to produce pro-inflammatory compounds called leukotrienes, which cause damage to liver cell membranes. Silymarin is active against all of these assaults upon liver cell integrity and function. It therefore has direct and indirect antioxidant benefits by elevating the body’s own defenses. Research has shown that milk thistle extracts also significantly enhance cellular immune biomarkers.*

Supporting Liver Regeneration, Bile Solubility

The liver is capable of extensive self-regeneration, but silymarin can even markedly increase this ability to replace damaged cells.* There is also some suggestion that silymarin stimulates protein synthesis in the liver.* Nevertheless, silymarin does not encourage malignant liver cell growth.* Growing evidence suggests that silymarin has protective properties to the kidneys that mirror those in the liver.* Classically, milk thistle is associated with improved digestion and bile production.* These are important functions of the liver and their impairment can lead to undesirable outcomes in the body. Clinical trials have supported this traditional employment of the herb. The extract can increase bile solubility and possibly help guard against stone formation.*


Silymarin exhibits poor solubility in water. Delivery in the form of teas provides less than 10 percent of total activity. Older studies demonstrating silymarin as a bile flow-inducer used alcoholic tinctures rather than the water-based preparations commonly sold today. Only 20-50 percent of silymarin is assimilated from the gastrointestinal tract at any given time. Thus, an effective milk thistle supplement needs to be highly concentrated, like LEAN Nutraceuticals Organic Milk Thistle, to provide a physiologically significant amount. According to the German monograph covering milk thistle, 12-15 grams of the crude herbal extract provides 200-400 mg silymarin. This is equivalent to the amount delivered by only 10 capsules of LEAN Nutraceuticals Organic Milk Thistle.  

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