There are many different so-called “superfoods.” In fact, for many people, there are so many new foods and supplements that they all tend to blend into one another. It is easy to distrust reports of some of these foods because they seem so unbelievable. Moringa oleifera is one such plant. Many people around the world have begun to tout it as an incredible source of nutrition with other amazing health benefits. While many of these reports are so filled with superlatives that they border on mania, the truth is that moringa oleifera is indeed remarkable.

Many of the health benefits that come from this unique plant are supported by science and by years of experience and research. Many of the health benefits of other foods are also found in moringa oleifera in amounts that are frankly staggering. The reason that it has suddenly hit the mainstream is because western medicine has just discovered it. Moringa oleifera originates from the Northern region of India, where the people there have been aware of the amazing properties of this plant for centuries.

Nutritional Benefits

One of the primary reasons that moringa oleifera is so beneficial to health is because it has so many nutritional benefits. The moringa oleifera tree produces fruits, seeds, and leaves that are all edible. In fact, they have been cultivated as a food source for centuries. As a simple food, it contains high numbers of the nutrients that the human body needs each day. For example, when compared with a similar amount of carrots, moringa oleifera has four times as much vitamin A.

When a similar comparison is made with other foods, a trend appears. It has more Vitamin C that a comparable amount of oranges, more protein than a comparable amount of milk, and more potassium than in a comparable amount of bananas. These are hardly the only vitamins and nutrients found in this remarkable plant. In fact, there are well over 90 distinct vitamins and minerals in moringa oleifera, each with distinct benefits.

Blood Pressure

Along with potassium, there are several other nutrients in moringa oleifera that can help lower blood pressure. The most prominent are Niacin A1 and Niacin A5, along with vitamin B3 and B10. All of these vitamins and minerals work together to ensure that blood flows smoothly through the body.

Energy and Mood

Most people feel like they could use more energy throughout the day. Thanks to the incredible variety of vitamins and minerals found in moringa oleifera, the body has access to what it needs to stabilize and produce more energy and a more balanced mood. Iron and zinc in moringa oleifera help increase mental clarity and alertness. Aside from these benefits, some people are able to wean themselves off of coffee or sugary drinks, which is always good for the body.

Weight Loss

Moringa Oleifera is a remarkable weight loss product. It has the ability to reduce appetite. This results in smaller meals, less frequent snacking, and eventually a smaller waistline. Moreover, the fact that moringa oleifera helps the body produce more energy means that each day, the body will burn more calories.


This remarkable plant is very high in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants have been shown to be crucial in the fight against cancer. Simply eating foods high in anti-oxidants can prevent cancer from ever occurring. Anti-oxidants also help skin and other cells in the body to regenerate better. This reduces the effects of aging and helps keep skin firm.


Moringa oleifera continually amazes researchers. Even very specific conditions like gastric ulcers can be relieved by taking moringa oleifera supplements. As it continues to grow in popularity and as more people come to realize the health and nutritional benefits of this plant, the overall health of the public will improve. There are many ways to take moringa oleifera and the best way to find out if it will help with a specific problem is to simply try some.

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