Garcinia cambogia is the scientific name for a plant otherwise known as the tamarind. While there are many different varieties of tamarind, they all produce the same chemicals that make garcinia cambogia such a valuable supplement. The tamarind has been harvested and valued for centuries in many regions of the world. Like most plants that become supplements, it has its origins in a remote corner of the globe, but is now grown in many areas both as a food and for making a valuable extract.


Tamarind evolved on the islands of Indonesia. It eventually spread to Malaysia and other nearby regions. When people began using it as a food source thousands of years ago, it quickly began to spread throughout Southeast Asia. The edible and valuable part of the plant is the fruit. This fruit often starts out green, but eventually takes on a orange or yellow color. When it is fully mature, it resembles a small pumpkin.

As a Food

Tamarind is a popular food. The fruit is often found in curry dishes throughout Southeast Asian and particularly in Indian cuisine. In Latin America, tamarind is often made into a candy mixed with chili powder. Latin Americans also occasionally make a sweet and tasty beverage made with tamarind. For the most part, the rind of the fruit is the part used for food. Although it can be eaten fresh as long as it has been baked or cooked, tamarind rind is typically dried and cure before it is used as food.

Growing Conditions

Garcinia Cambogia typically grows in the wild in wet, forested areas. The fruit comes from tress that grow to 10 or 15 feet in height. These trees prefer warm, tropical climates, although they can be grown in greenhouses and even in pots inside of a home. They require a lot of sun and temperatures over 70 degrees F. They require a lot of water and humidity.

Where They Grow Today

These trees are still grown throughout Indonesia and Malaysia as a crop, but they have also spread worldwide. The largest producers of tamarind are in Africa, India, and Southeast Asian nations like Thailand. They are also grown in Central and South America and in warmer Northern locations like Florida.


Garcinia camgobia trees can be grown from seeds. It is often necessary, however, to remove the coating on the seeds. Some people like to soak the seeds in a mixture of gibberellic acid and water for a few hours to prepare them to be planted in the soil. These seeds require conditions similar to those found in their native forests; namely, rich soil that is crumbly and very moist.

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