Probiotics 101 – Do Probiotics Prevent Norovirus?

Novirus treated with probiotics


Can the Norovirus Be Treated?

There is no specific medicine to treat people with norovirus illness. Norovirus infection cannot be treated with antibiotics because it is a viral (not a bacterial) infection according to the CDC.

Can the Symptoms of the Norovirus be Treated?

YES! The symptoms and unpleasantness of the norovirus can be treated! The best advice we have ever found on treating the symptoms of norovirus comes from Dr. Mercola’s article on norovirus

If you begin to become dehydrated, it is vital that you go to an emergency room for evaluation. This is especially important for children who can become dehydrated much quicker than adults. At the emergency room they will typically insert an IV into your vein and provide rehydration fluids directly into your bloodstream, which rapidly eliminates the danger of dying from fluid loss.

Initially, however, the following simple protocol is often very effective in clearing up the stomach flu long before you get to this point. If you have thrown up, put your stomach at complete rest for at least three hours. That means you should have absolutely nothing to eat or drink, including no water nor the folklore favorite of crackers and soda.

Once three hours have passed and no further vomiting has occurred then small amounts of water can be sipped slowly. Again, only after your stomach has stabilized and no additional vomiting is occurring, small amounts of water can be sipped and if that is tolerated you can gradually increase the water. Do this for one to two hours and if that is tolerated then you are ready for the final phase … large doses of a high-quality probiotic, taken every 30 to 60 minutes until you feel better. 

Top Rated Probiotic on Amazon for stomach fluLEAN Nutraceuticals MD1550 is a 50Billion, 15 Strain Dr. Formulated probiotic. It is the very definition of high-quality and the wide variety of strains combined with the 50Billion count per capsule make it one of the most powerful probiotics available to the public when it comes to treating the symptoms of norovirus.

Why 15 Strains and 50Billion are Just Better

There are many different types of gastrointestinal villains that can unbalance your digestive system and lead to distress. Likewise, there are many different types of norovirus supervillains and no single strain of probiotic will be most effective at combating all the different variants.

If you think of probiotics as microscopic digestive superheros would you want just 1 superhero, say Batman© or the whole Justice League© on your side?

The bottom line is that more probiotic strains = more protection and the higher the concentration of probiotics, 50Billion vs.  the more common 5-10Billion means you have more gut biome superheros working to rid your body of digestive villainy!

Probiotics for WomenProbiotic Survivability is KEY!

Many probiotic formulations are thrown together by toll-blenders and then sold to private label supplement companies without any consideration as to the basic elements of building a high quality probiotic. The number and variety of strains are important for reasons mentioned previously. However, a 3rd component, survivability, is key. Survivability means that the live probiotic cultures get delivered to your small intestine (where they actually go to work for you) intact and ALIVE. If a probiotic uses an inexpensive gelatin or vegetable capsule (like many do) then the majority of the live probiotic cultures will get destroyed in your stomach’s harsh, acidic environment and not be able to fight off the beasties where it counts, in your gut. Make sense? That is why when we developed MD1550 with our Medical Advisory Board we insisted on using a patented delivery capsule that survives the stomach.

More About Norovirus

How Long Does the Norovirus live?probiotics help norovirus

If you have the norovirus or it is making its round in your area you are probably wondering how long does the norovirus last? Well, the little beasties that cause the norovirus can survive on surfaces for around 7 days according to a study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology and in your poop for approximately 2 weeks according to the CDC. That means that surfaces in your home or workplace might be “contagious” for about a week if they are not properly disinfected.

How Long is Someone with Norovirus Contagious?

According to the CDC, most individuals should no longer be highly contagious 2 days after their symptoms have subsided.

norvirus causes diarrhea and vomitingHow Long Does The Norovirus Last?

If you have been unlucky enough to catch the norovirus you will begin experiencing the most uncomfortable symptoms in 12-48 hours. Once it hits, plan on being sick with a very unhappy combo platter of vomiting and explosive diarrhea for 1-3 days. It is this combination of nasty, voluminous liquid expulsion that makes the norovirus both uncomfortable and dangerous since it can lead to dehydration. Massive dehydration in turn can lead to a costly and inconvenient trip to the emergency room or, if left untreated even death.

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